Trading Pins Database

    The purpose of this site is to provide and get factual information about Jaycee trading pins.

    We are not trying to provide information about every Jaycee pin that  has ever been made. We have limited ourselves to Jaycee pins that were intended to be traded at the annual meetings; i.e., conventions, board meetings and special meetings of the US Jaycees and Jayceettes and US JCI Senate. 


    That is hard enough in and of itself, much less trying to keep track of local, regional, district, area, program, personal, publicity pins and any other type of pins that were not made by a state Jaycee organization or Onto committees for any purposes other than the fun of trading with other Jaycees at annual meeting or conventions of the US Jaycees.

    After all these little pieces of metal with different colors of paint on them were made for in the first place – to help break the ice between folks who have not yet made friends with each other and believed they did not yet have anything in common with each other. However, if you have a trading pin from your state and I have a trading pin from my state, then we do have something in common and we are not strangers anymore. Soon, we are on the way to becoming friends.

    During the course of making a trade of our respective pins we talk to each other and we find out a little bit about each other and we find out that we have a lot of other things in common and we become friends. So the little pieces of painted metal have worked their magic and soon it is time to move on to make a new friend from another new state.

    It is possible that you may have a Jaycee pin that is not on this database. That does not mean it is not an important pin. If you have it, it must be important to you. It only means that some specific pins are outside the purview of this database. There maybe a database elsewhere that has information on your pin.