In Memoriam of Bob Holbert

In Memoriam

Recently we lost the leader of this group, Bob Holbert.  Bob was one of the founders of MAMMA, the preview to Pinsource, a resource for Jaycees trading pins in the late 1980s.  Bob was the guiding light who led the resource into the internet age by having the database put into a format where the information could be accessible to all along with photos of the all of the pins so that those who enjoyed trading these little pieces of metal could see them.

            Bob was a long time Jaycee from Springfield, Missouri, he served as Awards Consultant on the National and International level being recognized with a Seiji Horuichi award and two Sheldon Waldo awards, He was recognized for his dedication to the Jaycee movement by being awarded US Jaycee Ambassador #390 and JCI Senator #27166.  Bob continued his activities by being a charter member and later serving as the 4th Commander of the Missouri Jaycees Muleskinner Corps. He was elected 14th President of the Missouri JCI Senate. 

            After moving to Arizona in 1988 he became active with the Arizona JCI Senate and continued his activities with them and assisting the Arizona Jaycees.  He served the US JCI Senate as Region X Vice President, Chaplain, Secretary and Administrative Vice President. 

            Even with all of these activities, Bob worked hard on maintaining the data base which we now know as  It is because of the friendships that Bob had around the country that those of us remaining will continue to maintain this resource for Jaycees trading pins.  We will not be able to do so without the support of other pin traders around the country.  We will always remember what a great mentor we had in Bob Holbert.